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There are so many candidates on the market with redundancies/facing redundancies there is no need to use a Recruitment Agency. That is what I have been hearing from a lot of companies out there at the moment, and it makes sense if you are a Hiring or HR Manager, doesn’t it? However there are some vacancies at the moment that are receiving 1000 applications.
I’ve calculated the statistical numbers for you and given a break down in figures :
1 – Let's say we received a 1000 CVs for a vacancy. It takes a minimum of approx 2 minutes to open and read the CV and to accept or reject.
2 - Based on CV's over 400 minutes, nearly 67 hours, that's over 2 weeks of just opening and reading CV's.
3 - Lets say 25 are suitable. That's 750 minutes
4 - Then you arrange a final shortlist
5 - Then you have to interview your shortlist
That makes the total time spent on one job advert over 100 hours.

How much is your time worth, did you realise how much time it takes to recruit ?

We cover points 1-4 above, we are experts in recruiting....eyeRecruit gives you more time to focus on your business. Speak to us today.

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